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2009-2010 Results

Date Event Class Results
07-08-2010 Harleyville MX,SC Schoolboy 1 1st
    Schoolboy 2 1st
06-12-2010 Freestone MX, TX Schoolboy 1 DNF
    Schoolboy 2 DNS
05-22-2010 Tony Wynn MX, AR Schoolboy 1 1st
    Schoolboy 2 2nd
04-17-2010 Fast Traxx OH Schoolboy 1 4th-DNF
    Schoolboy 2 DNF-DNF
03-15-2010 Oak Hill MX, TX Schoolboy 125 Mod 8th
    Schoolboy 125 Stock 10th
    Schoolboy 125 Mod 15th
01-09-2010 Reddick MX, FL Schoolboy 11th
    Youth 10th
01-01-2010 Gaterback, FL Schoolboy 9th
    Youth 6th
11-27-2009 Mini O's, FL Schoolboy Stock 12th
10-16-2009 Branson MX, MO Schoolboy 1 Cancelled
    Schoolboy 2 Cancelled
09-20-2009 Windy Hill, NC Schoolboy 2 2nd
    125 2 stroke 1st
09-13-2009 Iron City, NC Schoolboy 2 2nd
    125 2 stroke 1st
09-05-2009 Pineville, SC Schoolboy 1 1st
  SC State Championship Schoolboy 2 1st
    125 2 stroke 2nd
08-23-2009 Top Gun, NC Schoolboy 1 1st
    Schoolboy 2 2nd
    125 2 stroke 1st
08-03-2009 Loretta Lynn's National School Boy 1 33rd (40-28-31)
    School Boy 2 26th (23-25-31)
07-12-2009 Mx Master Kids, BE 17 & under 250F (5-8-DNF)

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